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Members Only Section (Preview)

Post by Admin on Wed May 12, 2010 10:11 pm

The Members Only Section of the forum has the following categories for posting:

Personal Threads
Please come here to introduce yourself to the group. Create a thread all your own using your user name and consider it your "home". It is a place where you can tell us about yourself so we may get to know you. You may also share your daily ups and downs here. It is hoped that this section will be the heart of the forum.

Administration Bulletin Board
This area is for any questions or concerns you may have for the administration. You may also check this area from time to time for messages from the administration.

Hangin' With Friends
This is a place where we can just "hang" out and talk about general stuff. It is a "trauma free zone" where we can have light discussion about a variety of things that interest us. We can share hobbies, fun stuff, ideas, interests, etc. Come on in, grab a chair, and we'll sit and hang out for awhile.

Expression Through Creativity
When it comes to expressing our feelings, experiences, and who we are inside, the right words can be hard to come by. Often we find our heart and soul speaking through the lyrics of a song, poetry, or created in a work of art. Here is a place to share those insights, to share your creativity, or to share something you found in word, music, or art that has spoken to you.

Fun and Games
We all need to play. We all need to have fun. Here's the place to play games, tell tasteful jokes, share silly tales, etc.

A Place for the Little Ones
For those of us with DID, the little ones and teens hold so much for us. This place is specifically for them. It is here to honor them......to give them their space, their own special place, so that our entire system can heal from the effects of trauma. No part is too big, no part is too small. We all deserve to heal.

Therapy Discussion
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The biggest step of all is entering therapy. Here you can discuss different aspects of therapy including the goals you have, your struggles/achievements, medication issues, and various methods of treatment such as EMDR, DBT, etc.

Processing Feelings
Feelings can be very scary. Especially feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness, anger,etc. Writing about feelings can help us process those feelings. It can help us get to know and understand our feelings better. Giving and receiving feedback on our feelings can be validating and healing. This is place to talk about feelings you may have. Feeling particularly sad today?? Feeling scared??? Really angry about something?? Come here, and we can talk about it.

Processing Memories
Our memories don't go away just because we want them to. They don't go away if we ignore them. In fact, they won't really ever go away. What can change, though, is how we view them, how we see them, how we feel about them, what they mean to us, the impact they have on our lives. These things can be changed by processing memories. Talking about the things that have happened and how those things made you feel is part of that processing. Reading your own words and the words of others can help give insight and a new perspective into your own healing. Receiving validation and support is really helpful, so this place is here if you wish to share your memories. (POTENTIALLY HIGHLY TRIGGERING MATERIAL)

Internal Communication/Living With DID
If you have DID, then you have many different parts to your system, all of which have their own likes, dislikes, wants, needs, desires, etc. Getting to know these parts and learning to communicate with them is an important goal in treatment. This is a place where you can talk about issues relating to your system and its needs.

Coping With Self Injury
Some survivors of trauma find themselves trapped in a cycle of self-injury. This is a place where those who are struggling in this area can talk about things. Please note that if you are feeling strongly about wanting to harm yourself, especially if you think you really,really will actually do harm to yourself, we ask that you do not post here. This area is for help and support of management of self-injurious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, but it is not for those in immediate crisis. This site recommends that if you feel you are in crisis that you contact your personal therapist, call a hotline, dial 911, or go to your nearest hospital. (POTENTIALLY HIGHLY TRIGGERING MATERIAL)

Relationships can be tough, especially when the core relationships we had when we were growing up were dysfunctional. Here you can talk about struggles you may have with loved ones, friends, coworkers, etc.

Sexuality After Trauma
Of all the relationships that can be challenging for survivors of trauma, sexual relations often top the list. Because so many of us have been sexually abused, we have various triggers, automatic thoughts, and internal belief systems to contend with. This is a place where you can talk about sex, sexuality, and intimate relations. (POTENTIALLY TRIGGERING MATERIAL)

Surviving Ritual Abuse
Some people with DID have experienced Ritual Abuse in their life. This is a place to where you can discuss topics specifically related to ritual abuse issues. (POTENTIALLY HIGHLY TRIGGERING MATERIAL)

Living With a Diagnosis
This area is a place to discuss, learn, support, and share personal experiences with a diagnosis such as Dissociative Identity Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Eating Disorders, and various mood, and anxiety disorders.

Support for Supporters
This area is for those who are supporting others who have survived trauma.


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